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We offer total solution – client sourcing, online booking, professional studio and automated customer service.

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New Makeup Trial Experience


See No-retouched Photos & Select MUA Online


Enjoy Makeup Trial At Mong Kok Prime Studio


Capture Makeup Image In Studio & Share Online


Call Centre Gives Brides All Support They Desire


Money Secured & Released Only After Wedding

To See How Brides Experience

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Show Only Reality

for MUAs to build no-retouched portfolio which brides can trust.

Share Corporate Power

for MUAs to enjoy our infrastructure and client referral system.

Offer Studio For Free

for MUAs to use for free our Mong Kok studio for makeup trial.

To Take Advantage Of Innovations

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Only Reality

First-shot Photos Only

All portfolio photos at are first-shot images as cameras originally captured without editing.

Portrait Photography

In our studio, you capture the makeup looks you created with professional photography equipment and costumes.

Level Playing Field

Every MUA, regardless of experience level, has to build portfolio from scratch following our standard procedure.

Corporate Power

Established Biz Structure

You enjoy our business scale giving customers more confidence in you without sacrificing work freedom you treasure.

Evergrowing Client Source

Through our strategic partnership, growing no. of banquet vendors refer brides to our bridal makeup service.

Advanced Booking System

Our proprietary booking system is integrated with Messenger to make quality customer service just a few clicks of button.

Studio For Free

Prime Location

Our makeup studio is situated in a high-class commercial building on Nathan Road within 3-min walk from Mong Kok MTR station.

Good Hardware

Our makeup studio is equipped with professional makeup mirrors for light effect of warm indoor, natural daylight and cool white.

Free Of Charge

You can use all facilities free of charge for makeup trials of brides-to-be we refer to you through our network of banquet vendors.