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Nothing about high-tech product.

We offer total solution – client sourcing, target marketing, social marketplace and automated customer service.

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Shopping Experience In Messenger

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Coupon Network

Banquets distribute to their customers our coupons

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Tempting Offers

Coupons entitle customers to irresistible offers

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Redeem Online

Customers redeem offers online through Messenger

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eShopping Mall

Targets see your product information in Messenger

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Automated CS

Targets enjoy 24/7 customer service in Messenger

To Enjoy Free Credit As Early Birds

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New Values You Gain From Our Solution

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Big Client Base

Growing no. of banquets distribute to customers our printed coupons.

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Offline to Online

Our coupons bring customers online for your product discovery.

Targeted Post

Customers identified as targets see your digital coupons in Messenger.

Effective Engagement

Targets see multi-media posts copied from your website.

Automated Service

Targets enjoy 24/7 auto reply to enquiries made in Messenger.

Lawful Marketing

Our direct marketing observes Personal Data Privacy law.

Simple As 1-2-3

You name targets & create posts via an online control panel.

To Leverage New Values For Competitiveness

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How Our Solution Works?



Business network for sourcing

Our solution begins with client sourcing, the key to business success.

Under the support of head vendors and market leaders, we are building a coupon distribution network for your client sourcing.

3 hotels and 6 restaurant groups are committed to giving our printed coupons to their customers who come to know us in the very beginning of their wedding planning journey.

Since 2016, An Oath Celebrant Service (a major market shareholder) adopted Messenger to communicate with customers, getting them all ready online for your digital coupons.



Intelligent gateway

Messenger Code shown in our printed coupons bring clients from offline to online.

By scanning the Messenger Code, clients get connected with us in smartphones spontaneously.

We implant unique identification data in each Messenger Code to track clients’ preference and build client profiles.

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New target marketing channel

Your targets are readily identifiable by client profiles.

Once identified, targets see your digital coupons and mobile catalogues in Messenger and start exploring your products.

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Rich multi-media contents

Targets expect to see your catalogue in rich multi-media format.

Messenger adopts from your website all texts, photos and multi-media contents about your product and show them as mobile catalogue to targets.



24/7 by chatbot

When targets text your Messenger after office hours, Messenger’s chatbot takes over customer service and purchase process by automating the tasks.

Your targets will experience 24/7 immediate response to all enquiries they made in Messenger and get impressed.

Satisfied customers bring you more business by word-of-mouth.

Why Messenger Marketing?

Bigger And Better Than Social Network

Instant messaging has larger client base, higher retention / usage rates, younger users than Social Network.

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All Marketing Functions In One Place

Instant messaging supports email, SMS, voice message, chats, all multi-media contents and action buttons.

Customer Service At All Times

Chatbot boosts CS performance during office hours and takes over the tasks completely after office hours.

Client Base Shared

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Success Story


轉用Orderlike的Messenger系統後, 除了享有優惠券所帶來的客戶外, 更方便我們跟進/解答客人的問題,增加客戶預約對我們的信心


Carrie MA, Assistant Manager – Customer Service

An Oath Celebrant Service




Eddie TAM, Founder & Image Director

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