S.Property helps property professionals win More Business

Designed with legal intelligence, S.Property exemplify the extent to which information technology is able to boost quality.


Raise Quality


Boost Output


Save Time

S.Property is a conveyancing information system developed with the Microsoft technology.

Matter/Project Folders record the data of dealings and Property Manager plays the role of an in-house land registry for property information.

With Documents Generator, you can have all documents and letters necessary for a conveyancing case prepared at a click of button.

Client Relationship Management

Store clients’ particulars and relationships in centralized database, for safe and easy access.

All the related documents are collected and displayed in one place, allowing instant review of case history or progress.

Legal Intelligence

Encapsulate legal intelligence in transactions, providing immediate and helpful input guidance.

Document Automation

We built-in document generation engine are capable of automating multiple forms and contracts in seconds, a massive, tangible cost saving opportunity.

Also, automatic calculation and logical checking ensure a high level of accuracy.

Legal Knowledge Management Software


Property Manager

S.Property introduces an innovative concept of Property Manager, your in-house online land registry. It manages properties by dividing them into buildings, lands and lots in the same way as the government land registry does. Property data is presented in a graphic manner and made available for shared use in all matters.
This avoids duplication of data among the matters, improving efficiency as well as accuracy.


  • Manage and track all properties once handled by your firm systematically
  • Dynamic interface which has built-in legal intelligence to adjust its fields in response to the value of the data entered spontaneously
  • Interpretation of the Conveyancing and Property Ordinance, Government Leases Ordinance and New Territories (Renewable Government Leases) Ordinance are incorporated
  • Flexibility to structure graphically the hierarchy of the buildings and lots according to the real situation
  • Units of a development can be pre-defined in preparation for the intensive project transactions
  • Distinction between land shares and building shares is maintained
  • Different street names can be defined for different portions of a building


When a property is defined in the Property Manager, simply add it to the relevant matter folder and specify its nature of ownership. The capability of handling multiple properties in a single matter is one of the powerful features of the system.


  • Multiple properties can be added to a single matter
  • Ownership of property(ies) by the Vendor and the Purchaser can be specified separately
  • Partial sale of property(ies) by some of the owners is supported
  • Contents of documents change automatically in accordance with the ownership and share of property(ies) to be sold


We understand that both the number and nature of payments of the purchase price may vary from case to case. Therefore, flexibility must be allowed in the system for you to enter as many payments as the case may require.


  • Unlimited number of payments for the breakdown of purchase price
  • Payment can be defined to be due on a specific date or a contingent event
  • Whether the payment has to be stakeheld until the occurrence of a future event can be recorded
  • Payments are totalled to make up the purchase price automatically
  • Stamp duty is calculated automatically by reference to the purchase price
  • Legal costs and registration fees are suggested by


In S.Property, a mortgage is simply another set of data as shown in the following form. The relevant data you entered in respect of the sale and purchase transaction will be reused by the system when preparing mortgage-related documents.


  • Unlimited number of legal charges/mortgages can be created within a matter
  • Specify whether it is a 2 parties or 3 parties mortgage
  • Ownership of property(ies) by the Mortgagor or the Borrower can be specified
  • Legal costs and registration fees are calculated by the system by reference to the loan type and loan amount


The effort of entering data will pay when it comes to generating documents.

Just select the document you want and allow the system a couple of seconds to generate the document with all appropriate text properly filled out.


  • To enjoy the benefit of automation, insert the appropriate bookmarks in your existing Word 97 documents
  • Text in the desired format will be added at the position of the bookmark automatically
  • Mass generation of documents and letters is allowed
  • Master documents containing bookmarks can be used repeatedly in different matters
  • Intricate documents like memorial, questionnaire, CR M1, completion statement, minutes …

Project Manager

If the S.Property you purchased comes with the feature of Project Manager, you will definitely be amazed by the power and flexibility of the software in managing the information you require in handling project-related matters.


  • Unlimited number of matter templates can be created within a project
  • You can create a new matter template for the sale of a particular phase of the development or for the sale with a different payment method
  • A matter template can be created by copying an existing template and modifying the data