Case Study





Lo & Lo, Hong Kong


The Challenge

Deliver high quality conveyancing services at competitive prices


The Solution

Knowledge Management System using S.Property

“Not only has S.Property met our expectations, it has far exceeded what we had imagined a knowledge management software would do,” remarked Helen Chan, partner at Lo & Lo. “The system has revolutionised the way we practise.”

The Results

  • Increased accuracy and productivity
  • Enhanced client relationship
  • Better use of resources

A Brief Description of the Firm

Lo & Lo is a prominent law firm with a long history in Hong Kong.  Since its inception in 1916, it has established a leading position in the city’s legal practice, and has been representing major property developers in multi-billion dollar projects.

Strategic Decision

In order to tackle the increasingly competitive property market in Hong Kong, law firms are redoubling their effort in ensuring a high level of legal service quality which can be delivered at optimum costs.  To this end, Lo & Lo’s management made a strategic decision in 1998 to integrate dedicated information technology into its already highly respected conveyancing practice.  The results are notable.

Lo & Lo’s Conveyancing Knowledge Mangement System


Proofs of Success

In a demanding environment where volume is high and quality is important, a successful software solution has three criteria to meet:  (1) High throughput – capable of handling the usually high intensity of project transactions;  (2) Comprehensive functionality – able to manage the diverse nature and requirements in all conveyancing business;  and (3) Seamless evolution – ready for evolving needs and customisation with continuity.  S.Property has added to Lo & Lo’s ability to maintain its continued success in the past two decades in these respects.

Productivity and Accuracy

Searching precedents, filling out forms and amending records used to be time-consuming and prone to errors.  That was the past.  Staff at Lo & Lo is now able to perform these tasks in a matter of minutes, and with an assured level of accuracy throughout the lifecycle of a conveyancing transaction.  “Over half of my time has been saved.  With S.Property as many as 400 project transaction documents can now be handled by me and my assistant alone, instead of 5 people in the past,” said Charlie Leung.  The legal knowledge required is maintained in the firm-wide system, individual skill levels have become less critical, and document preparation has never been easier.  With S.Property’s built-in document generation engine, general conveyancing documents can now be prepared reliably by staff of any level at Lo & Lo.

Client Relationship

The firm also sees the benefits of S.Property beyond merely productivity.  Being able to translate time saved from nursing paperwork into developing client relationship, Lo & Lo’s staff find themselves able to manage client expectations more readily and with more effective results.  With every detail and history available at a glance, fee-earners are able to not only respond to clients’ enquiry immediately, but also pro-actively inform clients of developments.

“This system helps me to work more closely with my clients.

I am able to review my clients’ information at a click of a button.”

Use of Resources

With S.Property comes a customised system enforcement policy, or S.Policy, that helps Lo & Lo implement the knowledge management system to its full potential.  A set of policies from setting network configurations to customising and standardising documents has been used that is consistent with the knowledge management system as a whole.  The result is smarter allocation of resources, smoother operations and higher reliability.