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Business Model Around Messenger

for businesses to enjoy client sourcing, target marketing, social marketplace & auto customer service.

Messaging Chatbot Technology

for businesses to operate complete online shops in Messenger by building chatbot without any coding.

Messaging Artificial Intelligence

for businesses to use chatbot to sense users' preference, connect alike users & talk with users naturally.

Business Model Around Messenger

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Offline Messenger Code

Targets scan Code on coupons to connect to Messenger.

Shops Inside Messenger

Targets visit shops & explore products in Messenger.

Messenger Chatbot

Chatbot serves your customers 24/7 in Messenger.

Messaging Chatbot Technology

Build Chatbot Without Coding

When Facebook enables Messenger to be coded for auto-reply with all multi-media contents, we go one step further by doing away with coding.

Replicate Web Features Direct

As your well-maintained website should contain all the sought-after info and features, we enable you to replicate all of them without repeat work.

Control Through Dashboard

We make Messenger's new features at your fingertips by providing you with an online dashboard where you can define user's experience fully.

Messaging Artificial Intelligence

Preference Recommendation

Collaborative Filtering Engine analyses alike users' preference and recommends.

Retrieval Chatbot System

You define the roadmap for Messenger users to follow and find the answers.

Generative Chatbot System

Machine analyses enquiries made by users and makes the best replies.